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We are often asked by many customers if all UPVC windows and doors are the same? In short, Reflection Home Improvements don’t think so!


As standard, we are proud to offer…

  • ‘A’ rated Energy Efficient Windows

  • 5 chambered UPVC frame profile

  • Unique IXEF in non-corrosive environments

  • Security Handles

  • Internally glazed unit for security

  • High Security 9 locking point system on Windows

  • High Security 12 locking point system on all Doors

  • Anti Pick, Anti Snapping, Anti Copy Door Lock Barrels

Please find below more information relating to some of the above points:

The Benefits of ‘A’ Rated Glazing

Our windows and sealed units are manufactured to the highest specification with a guaranteed standard.

The British Fenistration Rating Council confirm that Energy Windows are 67% more efficient than conventional double glazed PVC-u windows.


Understand How Energy Saving Windows Work

The BFRC carry out tests for Solar Heat Gain, Thermal Losses and Air Losses. Based on these results, all windows are then certified from an ‘A’ Rating to a ‘G’ Rating.  All Reflection windows are ‘A’ rated.

See the diagram below to see how the window saves energy.


5 Chambered UPVC Profile

The benefit of having 5 chambers as opposed to the industry standard of 3, is the frame will reduce cold transfer, therefore reducing the chance of condensation, helping to resist outside temperatures and retain internal warmth.

Our frames have a unique glazing packer for the glazed unit to sit on and therefore create a bridge between the sealed unit and any water or dampness and therefore prevent condensation.

High-Security UPVC Windows with 9 locking points

Fitted with the unique Tricept 9 Locking System, you can feel safe and secure in your home knowing that every opening double glazed window is secured on all 4 sides.

  • 4 x 8mm Dog Bolts

  • 2 x 8mm High Strength Brass Shoot-Bolts

  • 2 x 3mm Stainless Steel Hinge Locks

  • 4 x 8mm IXEF Dog Bolts

  • 1 x 5mm x 22mm Steel Dead Lock operated by push button key locking handle.

High-Security Composite Doors with  13 locking points

As with the Windows, the unique Tricept 13 Point Door Locking System secures your door for extra reassuring safety.

  • 4 x Roller Locking Cams

  • 3 x Hook Locks

  • 3 x High-Security Anit-Jemmy Hinges

  • 1 x Bottom Shoot Bolt

  • 1 x Centre Locking Latch

  • 1 x Top Shoot Bolt

The Unique Benefit of IXEF in corrosive environments

Our windows are fitted with unique, high strength IXEF lock keeps. This is the very latest material used in crash helmet technology, giving you an extraordinarily high level of security, together with leading edge style.  

The keeps are in a clean, unobtrusive white or brown, giving a perfect colour match to your windows and enhancing the look of your opened windows.  

An additional benefit in coastal areas is that there is no corrosion as IXEF is a composite material - so this is great choice for locals living in Bude and the surrounding coastal areas.

Security Handles

To complement the design and security elements of our windows, all handles have the following features…

  • Locks automatically on closing

  • Simple push-button release

  • Additional key locking as standard

  • Modern stylish design

  • Concealed screw fixing

  • Available in White, Black, Gold and Chrome

What is Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is the quickest way to gain entry to a locked uPVC door. The cylinder is literally snapped by applying torque to the cylinder. This is an inherent weakness in many uPVC door locking cylinders. Be assured Reflections always use anti-snapping barrels.

  • Door Lock Barrels

  • Anti Pick

  • Anti Lock Bumping

  • Anti Lock Snapping

  • Can only be copied via a serial number

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